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Over the years I have had numerous pets, dogs, cats, birds, saltwater fish, but one cat was very special.  His name was Peanuts.

Peanuts was more like a dog than cat.  He loved to “Roughhouse,” but he also had that softer side cats are known for.  He was an independent character, more of an outdoor cat than indoors.  But at night, he could finesse your head of the pillow by gently using his paw.

Awakening to find a furry creature curled up, sound asleep, where your head use to rest, still puts a smile on my face.  One night, after his dinner, he went outside and never returned.  It has been a long time, I have had many pets since that night, but I still miss that little guy.

I went to post pictures throughout my neighborhood, only to find I did not have a single picture of just the cat.  Chips were not available and I had no saved veterinarian records of my pet either.  As I wrote, I wanted a special place, dedicated to all of “Man’s best friends.”  I wish I knew then what I know now . . .

Good Night Peanuts                                


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