Missing Children… The Unknown, The Guilt, The Unbelievable Panic

Prepare for life’s emergencies by subscribing to HeavenForbid.org, a virtual safe deposit box.  Imagine your on a family vacation at Disneyland.  In the blink of an eye, your nine year-old daughter goes missing.  What would you do?You have become excited, confused, and are in a totally overwhelming state of panic.  You simply cannot believe this is happening to you.  You are unable to formulate a plan or see it through to fruition because of the panic.

Emotions, such as fear, denial, confusion, anger, rage to name a few, must be controlled in order for all of us to function in real life.  Acknowledging that we are all vulnerable, should be enough incentive to plan escape routes, have pertinent information stored safely and securely on HeavenForbid.org, and most importantly focus on a plan and live the plan in your mind.

Child ID Kits are worthless.  The thumbnail picture, when enlarged, will be distorted.  Finger prints, DNA swab, and snippet of hair are outstanding ways to ID a dead body.  You need current pictures and detailed description of the missing person.  It may make your skin crawl to think about a family member, especially a child, gone missing.  Just think how you would feel if your child was kidnaped and you had no plan to fight back.  Remember, bad guys hide in plain sight!

Think about it, what do you have to lose?

HeavenForbid.org provides instant access to vital information during emergencies such as:

  • Natural DisastersTornadoes, Floods,Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes
  • Missing People
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Personal and Family Matters
  • Stolen or Lost Credit Cards
  • Lost Pets and Veterinarian Records
  • Home Inventory/Possessions
  • Archive Important Documents/Papers


Featuring: Unlimited Secure Storage of Business,LegalDocuments Videos,Photographs, Podcasts, Address Book, and E-Mail Blasts