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Gun Shows

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Over the course of my law enforcement career, depending on my assignment or off-duty status, weapons I carried varied in size and power.  As a reserve police officer for the Hayward Police Department (CA) we were required to purchase our own firearm.  My first purchase was a Smith & Wesson Model 66 revolver. 30-plus years later, this handgun remains my favorite to target shoot.  Both of my sons, when they were young, learned to shot with this gun.  My sons were also taught gun safety, the use of speed loaders, and the proper cleaning and storage of weapons. For the majority of my life, I have resided in the state of California.  What is being argued today throughout our country, has been standard operating procedure in California for years in regards to firearms.  As a reserve officer, I was still considered a civilian, thus subjected to the laws of the

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Domestic Violence Is Against The Law

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The following article was written for Alameda County in California.  If you find yourself in a violent situation, please use the guide to direct you towards people who are there to help.  No one deserves to be bullied, whether physically or verbally.   Please allow trained professionals to help you.  Children, women, and men have the right to be safe.  It is against the law to contacted, annoyed, or harassed by anyone.   You do have the right to be Safe!   Emergency Police –  Fire –  Ambulance 911   Is someone you love hitting you, hurting you, threatening you, putting you down?  You are not alone, help is available to you, your children, your family.  Do not fall into the trap that you are “Bothering” someone, all of us are vulnerable to violence.   Many of us have faced similar situations in our lifetime.  With the help and understanding,

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Pepper Spray

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As the Wall Street Occupation has spread across the States, police involvement has increased.  Public Parks located near targeted establishments have turned into tent cities as the 99%ers’ have turned their frustrations towards the 1%ers’.  Sympathies, support, and admiration for the protesters has waned as local businesses have been affected in a negative way, a direct result of the “Squatters.” This afternoon, Friday, December 2, 2011, protesters have began marching in the streets of San Francisco around 3PM, creating havoc with the normally horrendous afternoon commute.  Recently, the Occupation protesters have been joined with students protesting the ever increasing tuition to attend college.  The University of California, Davis campus, located near our Sacramento capital, was the scene of students passively protesting increased costs. Protesters sat on the ground, locked arm-in-arm, as police stood nearby at-the-ready. For whatever reason, a police lieutenant, armed with a large cannister of pepper spray, walked up and

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Big Brother

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When I was a child, born in San Francisco, then moving with my parents and little sister to Oakland, California when I was six years-old, life was much different than it is today.  I can only recall one “Supermarket,” that being QFI, located in Stonestown in the City.  I would guess Stonestown was the first grouping of retail stores which was the forefront to the shopping malls we now frequent. In Oakland, my parents rented a home my grandparents purchased for $17,000.00.  Our home was located in the Redwood Heights neighborhood on Monterey Boulevard, near 35th Avenue.  At the time, 35th Avenue was like many other major streets in Oakland, serving their neighborhoods.  Before Supermarkets anchored Shopping Centers, neighborhoods had small, independently owned markets and other small businesses which provided to the needs of those who lived nearby. At the corner of Monterey Boulevard and 35th Avenue we had a

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Gun Safety

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Weapon Safety** Four Basic Safety Rules Guns are always loaded Never allow muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to destroy Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot Be sure of your target and background Protection of Home** California Penal Code 198.5PC Presumption of reasonable fear of imminent peril of Death or Great Bodily Injury Against another person not a member of the household Unlawfully and forcefully enters Reasonably believed unlawful and forceful entry occurred Reasonable Force** Graham v. Conner All determinations of unreasonable force must embody allowance for the fact that police officers often forced to make split-second judgements In circumstances that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving About the amount of force that is necessary in a particular situation Justifiable Homicide, Any Person** California Penal Code 197PC When resisting any attempt to murder any person, or to commit a felony, or to do Great

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