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Front Door

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I would like to update a blog entry I wrote a couple of months ago about home security. The update is based on a newspaper article I read recently in the Tri-Valley Times, dated Wednesday, March 28, 2012.  The article illustrates how complacent and vulnerable we become in the “Safety” of our own homes. For those of you who are not familiar with the San Francisco Bay Area, San Ramon, where this attack occurred, is nestled into the southern most tip of Contra Costa County in the East Bay.  Residents, mostly middle to upper class, comprise the demographics of this city.  As with neighboring communities, San Ramon is regarded as a safe place to live, raise your family, great schools, no gang graffiti, the city is virtually a model of stability. Our homes, where we feel safe and secure, provide us with the protection and privacy that we all seek. 

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Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People

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With the exception of the sports and comic section of the two newspapers I receive daily, I merely glance through the news sections seeking articles to quote and/or comment about.  A few weeks ago, a short article in Dear Abby caught my eye simply by the title.  Although I cannot remember the title verbatim, it focused on a mother’s guilt. The mother wrote she was in a horrible auto accident with her two children.  All were hospitalized, the mother being released that day, shortly after her seven-year-old daughter, but her four-year-old son remained in intensive care.  She questioned why she was the least injured, with her children, especially her young son, receiving the brunt of the injuries. What struck me the most about this “Guilt,” was the fact that the majority of us feel guilt when bad things happen to us.  Many years ago, I dated a young woman named

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Most Passwords FALL SHORT

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A survey of 1,000 adults in the United States found a variety of shortcomings in the passwords these adults used on-line.  For this survey, a strong password was at least eight characters long, combining upper and lower case letters, one numeral, and one special character.  Their findings were:   75% do not use a strong password 32% used a personal reference 29% used insecure or unsure storage 29% used seven or fewer characters 19% used the same password for multiple sites * This article first appeared in the Oracle Magazine, dated March/April 2012, MashUp Section, Page 14.  Source: Consumer Reports, Just a Thought ID Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.  In many instances, a secure password, one that is complicated for a thief to”Crack,” but simple enough for you to remember, may prevent you from becoming a victim.  Protect your password, do not share

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Legitimate Rape as defined by Congressman Todd Akin

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To my knowledge, we are the only animals on this planet, that have this insatiable craving concerning our personal sexual needs.  Other species that cohabit with us mate solely for reproduction, but the human animal is much more complex.  We as a populist are defined as straight, gay, bi-sexual, A-sexual. We are further categorized by much harsher terminology, that serves as a warning, of the sexual predators who live among us.  Sexual deviates; rapists, child molesters, incest participants, people who get their “Rocks” off by threatening, forcing, physically punishing their victims into submission.  Can you imagine the fear, the humiliation a child or adult, male or female, must endure as these savage acts begin, then mercifully end. The following excerpt is from a blog I wrote a few months ago titled “The Color Code of Mental Awareness.”  You are under attack.  You have become excited, confused, and are in a

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Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines, which prides itself on low fares, being “On-time” for departures and arrivals, and peanuts, lots of bags of peanuts for their customers.  In fact, they are so popular, they have their own terminal at the Oakland, California International Airport.  Recently, they were in the “News” for a much different reason. A young couple decided to take a three day “Mini” vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada, departing and returning to Oakland.  They booked their fight directly through Southwest, using their Debit Card for payment.  Their round-trip fare was roughly $450.00. The couple had a great time, but their experience with Southwest would have a disastrous ending, or beginning, depending on your point of view.  Southwest called it a “Glitch” in their system, the couple termed in a “Nightmare.”  By authorizing Southwest access to their bank account through the use of their debt card, the unassuming couple had no idea

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